Thursday, April 20, 2017

2017 WNR 01

Well, weather and workload have conspired to keep this first Wednesday Night Ride of the year until the middle of April!

Big crowd though, 7 of us tonight.  Regular rider Elmar has resigned though so this year will have quite a different flavor.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017 SMR 13

Oh yeah, spring weather has returned to The Mountain.

JB yelled at this guy for passing around a blind turn...
clueless guy claimed it wasn't a blind turn.

Colonel Al executes an almost perfect cowboy dismount.
Knee extended but toe not pointed.

 Al showed me a phone app he's developing for Diablo visitors - it has phone numbers, contacts, and information, plus a way to report hazards and such.  Looked useful, and almost ready for release.

This washout is at Juniper.
Odd because it's not a place where water runs off.

 JB had baseball tickets and I was knackered by Juniper so that's where we turned around.

This guy wins the prize for Most Magnificent Beard.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

2017 SMR 12

Oh boy!  Forecast was for early rain followed by sun.  I prepared last night with rain jacket, booties, and other stuff.  Paris-Roubaix is tomorrow and I'm feeling Flemish.

Rained hard all night, but then it appeared to be over by 7am.  I left the booties and rain cape at home.

Lots of clear blue sky!  

Then I saw it.  The dark cloud over The Summit.

Me and JB figured the strong sun would burn off the rain cloud.

But the cloud got bigger and the rain started to come about Chainbuster.

While we were taking our Junction break, the rain got heavier and we knew the ride was over.

On the way down, we got HAILED ON.  Hail stones were the size of rock salt...  I got a little hungry.

All the way home, I kept convincing myself that I like riding in crappy weather.  I'm not sure if I fooled anybody.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

2017 SMR 11

JB's out wine tasting today, so it was a solo ride.    Sometimes these solo rides are an excuse to do less than a full Summit; I was not in excuse-making mode.

Passed-em:Passed-me ratio was 0:1.  More riders coming down than going up.

New prescription sun glasses... yeah, nice to see good again.  Also new cleats I got with my REI dividend.

Wildlife Encounter:  flock of turkeys at the Dumpster Gate.

Bug flew into my throat near Penny Lane.  Fortunately he went down without a fight.

Roadkill Report:  snake... looks like he really suffered.

Wildlife Encounter:  fuzzy brown caterpillar.

Roadkill Report:  fuzzy brown caterpillar... I may have had something to do with that one.

I realized about the Ranger House that my knee hadn't been hurting - thought maybe I went to shorts too soon and today since I had tights on that made the difference.  Then I got a couple twinges, so... nope.

Started getting windy about The Bump.  Got pretty bad about Chainbuster.  SGR guys said it was only bad past the Helicopter Pad, but I decided to go up instead.

Got worse and worse though, and by Lookout Point I threw in the towel.  Found out when I got home that they issued a strong wind advisory!  Saw Justin from work getting started as I was finishing, and he messaged me that the wind died down for his ride and he made the Summit OK.

Hey, this looks like the same guy I saw here last week.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

2017 SMR 10

Whoa boy underdressed!
Looked nice and sunny and clear when I walked my dog this morning.
I figured shorts and a sleeveless windbreaker, short-fingered gloves.
Started my ride out to The Mountain and I saw a big dark cloud over The Summit.

It was into the clouds around one turn, and into blue sky around the next.
Didn't look like there were any clear spots above 2000 feet though.
So we decided to turn around at Junction.
JB's not coming next week - anybody want to meet me at The Gate?

And if you hadn't seen it, Mega Maximum Kudos to Diablo Rider Scott Cooper, who... for his 50th birthday, did 50 repeats up the Summit Wall.

I once THOUGHT about doing the Wall twice... thought twice, walled once.

The profile doesn't quite do it justice, but you know:

Strava folks can see it HERE 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

2017 SMR 09

First ride of PDT 207.
Kind of funny seeing an aero tuck with a suitcase-size fanny pack on.

These cracks aren't going to fix themselves!
This chunk of road is only going to get worse.

Colonel Al joined us at the Junction.
We discussed flowering shrubs and low gears.

The requisite Pre-Wall Psych-up.

First timers I guess.

In case you missed it in the comments last week, Blog Reader Mike sends along instructions to get involved with the trail maintenance volunteers:

Mike said...

It's the 2nd Saturday of the month.

To get notification, just send an email to
He might not respond quickly but he'll put you on the list.A few days before he'll send you an email letting you know where and what they'll be working on that day.Bring water, lunch, snacks and sunscreen. Wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, boots or sturdy shoes, gloves. They'll supply all the tools and instruction. Work as hard or mellow as you want, they start at 8:30am and finish at 2:30pm.The core group is very nice and friendly - everyone is.I plan on doing this as much as I can in the future!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

2017 SMR 08

SHORTS!  Didn't even need my windbreaker after about 8:30

DiabloShoutout to Blog Reader Mike, who rode his motorcycle to volunteer for trail maintenance.

I tried a new setting on my Contour action cam - I thought maybe a higher FPS would give me better options for snipping photos from the video - but the photos aren't as good.  See for yourself.

Also... POPPIES!

My knee started to complain near the Ranger House.  Right when I got to Sunset I decided to listen to it.  Not the kind of aggravating niggling pain of over-use... the kind of sharp jolt of pain that comes at random intervals for no good reason.  Turned around and it even got a little worse on the way down.

Bikes everywhere enjoying the beautiful weather.
Including some big groups coming up on my descent.

Bonus Extra fun story:

Long-time blog readers will remember when I had my unique Masi fixed gear commuter stolen from my home while I was recovering from my broken pelvis three years ago.

Well Diablo Wife and Diablo Daughter were having lunch at a local establishment and they see some guy ride up and lock his bike that looked exactly like mine so they sneak a photo to me.  Well it could've been mine I guess - if he changed the handlebars and brake levers and saddle and fender... but on closer inspection this bike looks a size or two larger than mine.  Interesting though, because I've never seen another one like it.

Not my stolen Masi

My stolen Masi