Saturday, March 18, 2017

2017 SMR 09

First ride of PDT 207.
Kind of funny seeing an aero tuck with a suitcase-size fanny pack on.

These cracks aren't going to fix themselves!
This chunk of road is only going to get worse.

Colonel Al joined us at the Junction.
We discussed flowering shrubs and low gears.

The requisite Pre-Wall Psych-up.

First timers I guess.

In case you missed it in the comments last week, Blog Reader Mike sends along instructions to get involved with the trail maintenance volunteers:

Mike said...

It's the 2nd Saturday of the month.

To get notification, just send an email to
He might not respond quickly but he'll put you on the list.A few days before he'll send you an email letting you know where and what they'll be working on that day.Bring water, lunch, snacks and sunscreen. Wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, boots or sturdy shoes, gloves. They'll supply all the tools and instruction. Work as hard or mellow as you want, they start at 8:30am and finish at 2:30pm.The core group is very nice and friendly - everyone is.I plan on doing this as much as I can in the future!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

2017 SMR 08

SHORTS!  Didn't even need my windbreaker after about 8:30

DiabloShoutout to Blog Reader Mike, who rode his motorcycle to volunteer for trail maintenance.

I tried a new setting on my Contour action cam - I thought maybe a higher FPS would give me better options for snipping photos from the video - but the photos aren't as good.  See for yourself.

Also... POPPIES!

My knee started to complain near the Ranger House.  Right when I got to Sunset I decided to listen to it.  Not the kind of aggravating niggling pain of over-use... the kind of sharp jolt of pain that comes at random intervals for no good reason.  Turned around and it even got a little worse on the way down.

Bikes everywhere enjoying the beautiful weather.
Including some big groups coming up on my descent.

Bonus Extra fun story:

Long-time blog readers will remember when I had my unique Masi fixed gear commuter stolen from my home while I was recovering from my broken pelvis three years ago.

Well Diablo Wife and Diablo Daughter were having lunch at a local establishment and they see some guy ride up and lock his bike that looked exactly like mine so they sneak a photo to me.  Well it could've been mine I guess - if he changed the handlebars and brake levers and saddle and fender... but on closer inspection this bike looks a size or two larger than mine.  Interesting though, because I've never seen another one like it.

Not my stolen Masi

My stolen Masi

Saturday, March 04, 2017

2017 SMR 06

 It was warm and sunny yesterday, so I dressed kind of light.

Short fingered gloves, tights, and a windbreaker.

Started to rain below Junction.

We went up to Livermore Overlook and called it quits.

Here's the mudslide from last week... impressive amount of earth moved.


They hauled ot of it away, but a lot of it just got piled up
on the downhill side of the road.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

2017 SMR 05

Gate Ranger tells me there is a big mud slide and I won't be able to go to Junction.  She thinks they might be working on it all day.  Somewhere around Diablo Ranch.

I tell other folks the story because the Gate is closed, everybody goes up anyway... cuz what else you gonna do?

Supposed to be rain this afternoon but it was nice this morning.

Mudslide was actually just below the Ranger House - only about a half mile from Junction.  JB and I stopped for a while to watch.

Smaller mudslides were evidenced all over.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

2017 SMR 04

First sunny weekend in a long time... but it was real windy.  JB went down SGR and I went down with him to the Kiosk and came back up.

Some kind of trail volunteer work this morning.

No wildlife, but there's a lot of running water up there.

Everything is this bright shade of green, too.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

2017 SMR 03

Borderline, but I rode... because that's what I do.

Wildlife Encounter:  Two deer near the Lower Ranch

Wildlife Encounter:  Red-Tailed Hawk at The Bump.  Usually I don't note birds, but this guy was parked on the side of the road with his red tail facing me... like he wanted me to mention him... and his red tail.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

2017 SMR 02

Sunrise over Diablo - more dramatic in real life.

Got to The Gate and JB was right behind me.

Skipped breakfast this morning... big mistake

Hardly any riders today - weird.

Didn't have a ClifBar at Junction either... need to go shopping.

Sure wasn't the weather keeping everybody away..

Right about here, I sensed impending Bonk.

Snow!  Cool!

I'm out of snow captions.

This photo needs no caption.

This is the down side of The Wall

Hey - Colonel Al grew a beard.

I took a photo just like this last year - so I faced my bike the other way...
for variety.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 SMR 01

Wow, the 14th and this is my first Saturday Morning Ride?  Well, NYD was a Sunday, and then the next Saturday was the 7th, but I DNS for rain. So yeah.

Except today I was not feeling well.  Still getting over a rotten cold but not bad enough to stay home so I rode.
Hey - JB finally got a new water bottle!
Felt rotten but figured I could keep going... until I couldn't.  Started to feel shaky and hot and then I told JB to go on without me.

Right here is where I decided to turn around.

Home to warm up and the sickness passed... not the flu, I'll be fine.

Did you know the BAAQMD has a Spare the Air bike jersey?

I don't know if they get any profits from the sale, or if they have a club of employees that wear these or what, but they sell them on Amazon for $58.