Monday, January 15, 2018

Bonus Post - New Wheel Build

This post documents my new wheel build.  105 hubs, DT Champion spokes, and HED Belgium tubular rims.

Building wheels is one of those really satisfying bike mechanic kind of tasks, and this build was exceptionally rewarding.

Shopped around to be frugal, but I knew what I wanted.  Here's the statistics:

The pro wheel build I got from Excel Sport Boulder a few years ago for my Klein was $600, so I saved quite a bit off of that... mostly in the hubs.

For fun, I did an interesting spoke pattern - pulling spokes all black, pushing spokes all chrome.  It's a subtle effect... the kind of thing only people who build wheels would probably notice.

My highest recommendation to who accommodated my unusual order for spoke blend, and allowed me to modify the order late when I realized I'd ordered long nipples by mistake.  You get a 10 on the Diablo Scott Spoke Supplier rating scale.

I've been wanting these rims for a long time - now was the time.  They're a little wider than most tubular rims, so that means better gluing and nicer riding.

No eyelets or ferrules... usually something I would want... I changed my mind.

Machined surface for rim brakes.

The contact profile is much curvier than my previous tubular rims.

Four different spoke types for my special pattern.
I don't have a tensionometer - I go by feel and sound.

One thing a craftsman does is put the valve hole pointing at the hub label - success.

When I got done, I put on the first layer of glue.  I'd always been a "baggie on the finger" kind of guy, but this time I got some glue brushes from the hardware store - I like this method a lot better - great coverage, no slop, and no mess.

Plenty of life left in the tires I took off my GL330s - but I put rotated the rear and the spare.

Geez, these are pretty.

Here you can see the interesting spoke pattern.

Belgium wheels for a Belgian bike.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

2018 SMR 02

Look at that fog!!!  Visibility was less than one block at the start.

Orange shoe covers more of a fashion statement than weather protection, but they did keep the condensation off my feet.

Condensation was dripping off my helmet onto my face.  But a mile or so up from The Gate and it was sunny and clear.

JB was still recovering from being sick so he turned around at Junction and I went up.  Above Junction though it started to get windy... and it got worse and worse until I gave up at Muir.

A mile and a half from The Summit, with 160 meters of elevation remaining, and I threw in the towel.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

2018 SMR 01

Hey, I made the Mount Diablo Cyclists' FB page for the event...I was filling out the safety survey.

Note glasses on fence post:  JB forgot them there.

It was a good day to capture sunrise photos.

This is where I stopped when JB realized he had left his glasses on the post.

Somebody lost a half dollar!  I picked it up.  If you can identify it I'll give it back.

It was a good day to capture cloud photos.

Monday, January 01, 2018

2018 New Year's Summit

Best New Year's Day weather in memory!

You should just play this video on endless loop... I bought the rights to the soundtrack music so help me get my money's worth.

2018 New Year's Day Summit from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

At the Summit there was a safety faire - the guys from Sports Basement had a look at Eddy Merckx and said "it's time for new wheels".  I thought maybe I had another season in the old GL330s... but he said "rims are shot, hubs are shot, skewers are shot.  I had already ordered some new rims (great deal!) and I was happy to order some new hubs and and spokes when I got home and will be building up a new set in the next couple weeks... watch for updates... same Diablo Channel.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 SMR 45

Quiet up there this morning.

JB texted me sick.

Only saw one rider my whole way up.

I decided to conserve energy for 2018 New Year's Day Summit.  I'm going to come back Monday and make that a LINK.

Edit:  LINK

OK, nobody got me new rims for Christmas... but check this out... when you can see the wear pattern on the brake surface around the spokes... it's time.  So I bought some new sew up rims for myself... I'm going to come back here and make that a LINK when I build my new tubular wheels.