Wednesday, May 14, 2003

May 14, 2003 - Diablo Junction plus, 19 miles

Wednesday at 5:30 JB and I met at the gate, Adam was a little late but we knew he'd catch us, Nicole is leaving for Hawaii tomorrow so she didn't come. It was supposed to be very warm today (near 80°F) so I wore my sleeveless jersey and didn't bring armwarmers or anything... it turned out to be cold and very windy. We passed quite a few riders on the way up, then Adam and Mark rode up on us near the lower ranch. I stayed with them for a while but couldn't hang on all the way, JB stayed with them longer than I did but he too fell off the pace. My Junction time was 45'30". There were a bunch of Diablo Cyclists that arrived at the Junction shortly after we did, we all socialized for a while and then JB and Adam went back down North Gate while I went up to the top of the horseshoe by myself.

On the way down the fog started coming in and I stopped again at the Junction to warm up. I watched a racoon raid the garbage can and then finished my descent back to the car on Doncaster. It was one of those windy days where you have to be careful around every corner because the wind shifts and can catch you leaning too much. Not a supreme effort today, but I'm confident I'll do well in the century on Saturday.

Cipollini lost the sprint by millimeters in this morning's Giro d'Italia stage!!

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