Saturday, November 01, 2003

Diablo Junction

Day after Halloween, smashed pumpkins line the street. First day in full winter gear... bibs and tights, jersey and jacket, long finger gloves. Everything except booties, glove liners, and an ear jock.

As I rolled up North Gate Road I saw Rick and Peter in the church parking lot. They were ready and we headed for the Gate. JB met up with us before we got there and we all crossed the line at the same time.

I was feeling sluggish for some reason and fell off the back around the bump. Still managed to pass everyone else on the mountain, but finished about 3 minutes behind the others at 46 minutes flat.

My chain is now skipping in several of the gears and it really is pissing me off. My Park Chainchecker tool says the chain is 0.75% stretched which still should be OK (it says to change at 1.0% stretch or less). At the Junction I was playing around with it and saw that it was climbing up on the cogs with almost no pressure on the chain so maybe the cassette is OK and it's just the chain. Worth a try, I'll put a new one on today. No more Dura Ace chains though, I'll get a SRAM something.

Product Review: Pearl Izumi Barrier Jacket.

I bought this at a clearance sale last spring and haven't had a chance to wear it until today. It's very well made, and has zippered pockets in all the right places, and perfectly warm with a combo of wind protection and insulation. Highly recommended. (mine's black with blue trim, unlike the photo above)