Saturday, November 20, 2004

Diablo Junction plus Southgate Hole in the Fence, 30 miles

Peter, JB, and I met at the Gate. It was cool and very windy this morning, definitely in the top 10 or so of windy North Gate rides. It got more windy around every bend it seemed, and the winds were strong and gusty. Fortunately there was a strong tailwind going up the Bump so that was fun. Near the Lower Ranch I started to fall off the viscous pace Peter was setting so they got ahead of me. Honestly it was sometimes more effort just to stay upright than it was climbing in elevation. Coming around Son of Chainbuster was like running into a wall. Junction time: 51 minutes.

Our plan was to go down South Gate to meet Rick and Nicole for some flat riding and coffee. Descending in those crosswinds was treacherous. I felt like a dog on a leash and mother nature was yanking on my handlebars trying to get me to go some other direction but I managed to stay vertical and on the road... but just barely a couple of times.

We met up with R&N in the country club area and went for coffee at Cherubini’s in Alamo. I think it should be spelled Cerubini and they should have better bike racks, but the latti are good.

The end.

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