Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Diablo Junction from Work

Jeff was trying to drum up support for tonight's ride as a training ride for the Tour de Cure (click HERE to sponsor me), but it was only him, me, Adam, and Amanda that came. Amanda got a new bike - a Specialized Allez that is a perfect match for her - she said the bike shop in San Francisco really helped her make up her mind and get her set up. Jeff got an early start so Adam, Amanda, and I left from the office at about 5:15. I've been making a more serious effort to drive less this year so I didn't have my car at work - I left my backpack in a locker, knowing I'd have to come back to get it before going home. Anyway, the three of us got to the Gate at 5:40 or so and then we all split up. Adam decided to go for a fast one and Amanda decided not to so I was in the middle. Actually Adam rode up with me for about half a mile, then turned around to re-start so he could go hard all the way.

Just up the road I passed Grant P and another Rivendell rider - Grant was on his Quickbeam but I didn't notice if it was in fixed mode. A little while after that Adam had just caught me back up and we were together when we saw Mark P coming down. Adam was really moving and I thought about doing intervals but instead just pushed the upper boundary into the anaerobic zone and tried to maintain as long as possible. I was hoping that Adam and I would hook up with the Diablo Cyclists at the Junction and then go down South Gate for a longer ride home because he also was going to return to the office first, but we were running kind of late.

Up after the Bump I saw a group of a half-dozen or so riders above me - I don't think they were together, they just happened to be bunched up. One by one I passed them as they got farther and farther apart. All except one guy in an orange vest and knickers who I never quite caught up to, and another guy who passed me from behind. Then I noticed a bunch of Diablo Cyclists coming down so I knew there wouldn't be anybody left at the Junction when I got there. I was almost at orange vest guy's wheel near Chainbuster when Adam came down to meet me. He said he did his third best time ever - sub 31, so he was sure he could crack the 30-minute barrier this year.

I underestimated how warm it was going to be and I didn't bother to refrigerate my Cytomax - won't make that mistake again.

Got to the Junction at 43'50" and that's probably my best time for the year but I'm itching to get fast again. I wasn't dogging it though; my average HR for the ride (starting at the Gate) was 172 and my max was 188! With that kind of effort and some better conditioning I'll be able to put in some good times soon. Jeff was already there so we talked for a while. I saw Grant come in and check his watch as he crossed the line so I guess he DOES care about how fast he is.

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