Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Junction from Work - 33 miles

JB is on vacation, Amanda and Randall were riding together, so I got a head start on Adam. Nice weather... not too hot, a little windy. Hard to get motivated.

Then I saw a rabbit to chase - a guy with a white jersey. I must be faster than him because I hadn't seen him until now, but once he made me he kept a constant gap all the way past the Bump. I didn't pass him until after the Upper Washout where he relaxed a bit. Then just as I was starting to catch two more guys, Adam showed up and blew right by me and then he blew by the two guys also.

After Adam got to the Junction he circled back to pick me up and then about 300 meters from the line my rear tire went flat. Not a blow out, it just suddenly got soft so I pulled over at a shady spot and changed the tube. Adam watched as the guys we'd passed came by again.

I hung around the Junction for a long time, enjoying the late summer air but the bugs started to get bad and then I turned around.

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