Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last Ride of 2006

Feakin' frigid this morning - good thing I dug out my toe booties earlier in the week. {sidebar: it really pisses me off that the traffic sensor on Bancroft to cross Ygnacio doesn't pick up bikes} The goats down by the kennel even looked frozen... frozen goats = FROATS ? This photo was taken after the ride when it had warmed up a little, glad to see the froat survived.

Rick and I met at the Gate and waited a while for JB but he didn't show up. We saw Mark A coming down but other than him, no one else at all. Only one or two cars also... it was a quiet morning on the Mountain, and we enjoyed the ride. We also talked a bit about the Tour of California (Best Week of Racing award from VeloNews) which is only a couple months away now and how we would make it better and there was no question we'd be there again as rabid racing fans.

There were a few people at the Junction; interesting people on different kinds of bikes... cyclocross, loaded touring, road racing, MTBs; people who were there because they like riding and appreciate this gem of the State Park system. My water bottle was still 90% full because you just don't get thirsty on days like this. The flags were at half-mast in honor of President Ford; I remember laughing at his ineptitude in high school but think more highly of him now.

So Rick nursed a ClifShot and I gnawed on a chocopowerbar and then we decided to do the SGR kiosk. When we got there I took these photos:

On the way back up I flatted at a very convenient spot; there was a nice retaining wall to sit on while I changed my tube. Rear tire's getting pretty thin, I think it's time for my winter maintenance - Mom and Dad sent X-mas money so I got some good stuff to put on too (tires, chain, new handlebars and cables). Rick watched me use the CO2 inflator again and admitted that it was a pretty cool alternative to a mini pump... he's ready to convert.

We finished off the ride with a Starbucks at the Encina Safeway - the Peppermint Mocha is a treat but it can't compete with Peet's.

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