Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gate-Junction-Tire Poppers-Gate

Cold - coldest ride of the season so far.

Late start, Rick's car wasn't there, rock on the post, JB ahead.

On the shifting soap opera, after last week's almost perfect performance this week was diappointing. Pulled over near Moss Landing and fiddled and futzed and it didn't do too much good. The second-biggest 24t is the worst but it can happen in any gear. 27t is the safest but that's supposed to be my give-up gear!

Wildlife Encounter: big flock of Turkeys at the Cold Shoulder.

So JB was at the Junction. We shot a little breeze and then he went to a Hawkeye football party. I decided to do the Tire Poppers and back up.

Sometimes cold air is the clearest.

So cruising back down NGR I'm really enjoying myself and thinking I'll do a little Dips sprint even without Rick's lead out and I honk out a good one when this dude dinks his little bell at me to pull over and he came around me so fast I barely had time to get my camera out when I recognized him.


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