Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gate - Junction - Juniper - Snow - Gate

This was the view of the Mountain from my office window last night:

Clearly this called for a Saturday morning bike ride.

Got to the Gate and met Rick and then realized my front tire was flat so I changed it while waiting for JB to show up but he never did although Dudley rode by before I was done.

Road was wet but the sun was up and it was kind of windy in spots so it was some good riding.

Front tire went flat AGAIN near Son of Chainbuster... I just pumped it up and made it to the Junction for another change and aren't I smart for carrying two spares?!? Junction ranger said the road was closed at Juniper but it would be OK to go around the barrier so up we went. There were quite a few cars up there already and a steady stream still going up around us.

Things got sloppy up above 3000 feet but it made for some good photos. Got some video that I'll link to later.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't been up Mt. D. since I retired and moved 100 miles North two years ago.

Back, just a few years ago I'd ride up N. Gate do a few circles in the parking lot at the summit, ride down to the S.Gate tire poppers and summit again. It's easy with a 30/27 stump puller gear. Only up 40 or so many times, but felt a part of the Mountain.

Been up it many times on my MTB, ...BBQ Terrace or Mitchell Canyon. Get on the East side of S.Gate road, and you will discover a whole new park.

I always hated the ride down. Cracks, pot holes (before the new pavement), the cars coming up using both lanes. My wimpy road brakes.
But most of all my legs, lungs and heart, after working so hard suddenly shutting down almost 100%.

The ride I loved most and miss a lot is the loop around Mt. D.

Morgan Territory Rd. from either way is one of the best bike rides I've ever been on.

It's a big hill and from your blog it seems like you are missing a lot of it. I'm sure you ride other routes, you've even posted about some of them. Like my other favorite, Pig Farm.

Love your blog, just wanted to leave my thoughts of that hill. Too bad blogspot isn't more interactive.

PS... Ive seen as many little critters on the road as you have. Why don't the tarantulas and garter snakes get as much love?

Once I was riding around the Mt. hungry, legs, feet, hands and but sore. Hungry and thirsty, about to climb Morgan Territory Rd. from the hard side, when I was stung by a yellow jacket.

All I could think was that I'd never been much happier in my life.

Still a member of Diablo Cyclists, even though I haven't paid dues in years, they still list me.

I love that big rock as much as you, and so many others do.