Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2011 WNR 10

Forgot to bring a jersey to work today so I had to ride in a T-shirt and didn't have a pocket for my camera.

Wildlife Encounter:  deer on Burma Road Trail

Pretty warm tonight and I didn't go very hard.  Had another appointment with the dermatorturist today and I'm still hurting.

OK, no photos but here's a consolation prize:

Scanned in a couple photos I found in my Big Box O' Junk... enjoy.

Frankie Andreu 7-Eleven

Inga Benedict 7-Eleven

Doug Shapiro 7-Eleven

Also, did you know that the airport scene in American Graffiti was filmed at the Concord Airport?  Watch this little clip, or just jump to 2m50s to see The Mountain in the background.

Must have been a smoggy day... here's a little help:

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