Saturday, February 11, 2012

2012 SMR 07

Of course by now everyone has heard that the Amgen Tour of California will be coming over Diablo on Stage 3 from San Jose to Livermore.  My plan for today was to scope out the optimum location for viewing and getting myself on international television.

Hit 967 Watts in spin class Wednesday - woot!

Roadkill Report:  Procyon lotor... eww
Wasn't supposed to be so wet today, but when the sun came out it was behind some dark clouds, so I parked the Klein and pulled out the Belgian Beast.

Prepped for precip with my rain jacket in the bottle cage.
Visibility at Junction was next to nothing so I deferred my Amgen Tour of California  viewing location scope out expedition until  2012 SMR 08.

Dude-who-passed-me #1

Dude-who-passed-me #4

My neighbor has the two most annoying dogs in the Bay Area.  They bark all the time, they bark at everything, they bark at nothing, and they bark at me.  Last night was especially bad though... so it merits a video.  Looks like the sound is out of synch but that's the other dog barking off camera.  Just to be clear; I don't blame the dogs, I blame their owner - he's done nothing to socialize them or train them... their back yard is their entire world and everything on the other side of the fence is the enemy.


Rick said...

What's most impressive about the spin is 169RPM!

Curtis Corlew said...

So where the heck is the optimal viewing location? I wonder where we'll be able to be, and how crowded it will get. I'm sure nothing like the Mines Road finish last year. Jeezel pete I can hardly wait. Here's hoping for a bit of Southgate road patching.