Wednesday, May 09, 2012

2012 WNR 06

Most of the work group showed up tonight.  Nice and warm.  Legs feel good after the century Saturday, but not a lot of snap.


JB stopped at the start to adjust something and I went ahead to get a gap.  He and Seppi caught me at the bottom of the Bump and then JB went in to sub 40 pace.  Seppi tried to stay with him and did for a mile or so while I dropped back.  Then at the Ranger House he flared out so I passed him back... after making sure he was too tired to counter attack.

Passed 'em - Passed me ratio:  3 to 2, including one round trip.

Saw three county sherrif cars and an ambulance coming down while I was climbing - they appeared to be in a hurry but didn't have lights and sirens on so it must not have been too bad... whatever it was.

Remind me to clean under here next time.

It is black widow!

The buzz is getting louder surrounding the AMGEN Tour of California on Mount Diablo! - signs along Oak Grove announcing delays next Tuesday.  I'm thinking they'll hit the bottom of SGR at about 1pm so where ever you want to watch from, you'd better be there by then.

The official Stage Log says sometime between 1:00 and 1:30, with 15 minutes (!!!) to the KOM at Junction... I'm guessing nobody really checked that calc.

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