Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 SMR 08

Almost warm enough to skip the jacket this morning.

Roadkill Report:  Jackrabbit GoreScore=8... severed head and his eyes were open, but not a lot of blood.

Wildlife Encounter:  lots and lots of turkeys.  There was one really studly guy who looked like he was doing a mating dance around one of the hens... no wonder the population is growing so fast.

Heard there was a pretty serious cyclist injury with helicopter medivac on SGR about 11 o'clock... let me know if you have details.


Curtis Corlew said...

Why is there no local media covering things I actually care about? Other than you I mean. It seems like this info should be easily found, but isn't.

KB said...

Perhaps call the ranger station? I'm hoping no news is good news, and the rider's injuries were not serious. Perhaps it was a motorcycle?