Saturday, October 12, 2013

2013 Veteran's Victory Velo - Devil Mountain Century

A wonderful ride put on by an organization that trains and educates wounded veterans to re-integrate into society and the workforce. 

I didn't think the battery on my Android phone would record Strava for the whole 100-miles, so I got this little back-up thingy... works great, doubles your phone life.

Bonus points if you can identify the mountain on my home screen.

First 50 miles went great - paced myself well over Diablo and up Morgan Territory.  Then played it safe going down the Plunge but soon realized I couldn't shift into my big chainring.  Turned out to be a cable housing split that I couldn't fix.  I was stuck in my little ring for the remainder of the ride so after the lunch stop in Livermore I decided to skip the Foothill Road section and take a shortcut back to the finish - saved me about 9 miles.

Wildlife Encounters: turkeys, hawks, and a peacock!

Really Diablo-riffic video to click on:

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Rick said...

Sorry about the cable problem Scott, if it weren't for that you could have drafted us all the way back to the finish!