Saturday, March 29, 2014

Twist and Shout Work It On Out

Three weeks post pelvis-fracturing crash.  An hour on the recumbent stationary bike, and an hour on the treadmill.  Really serious boost to the old morale to get things moving again on the bike, but the treadmill was almost like really walking.  I could completely control how much I was supporting myself with my arms and after a few minutes it wasn't painful at any point in the stride.  I still feel like I could get a spurious rush of bone pain at any time that would send me to the floor, so having the rails on the treadmill to hold on to was great for my confidence.

No ride simulation videos; just TV programs or music.
So instead I just kept up this image of somebody showing
how to use the machine and listened to some podcasts.

The ortho doc told me it'd be three weeks before my first good day; I didn't know what that really meant until today.

In other news, some bastard STOLE MY COMMUTE BIKE!  
That bike was a true one-of-a-kind.
I've been fantasizing about thief torturing.

Search phrase:  Stolen Masi Speciale Commuter Blue Black California 2014 56cm
Seen this bike for sale or being ridden?  e-Mail me! 


Curtis Corlew said...

WTW bike theft? How did that happen? I understand shooting horse thieves is legal in the west, and i think of a bike as a modern horse....
Anyway, monitoring your blog and wishing you well. Need anything?

Diablo Scott said...

I've always kept my commute bike under a roof overhang outside my garage, and the fence gate sort of half locked... the thief didn't actually have to cut through anything to get access, but he had to reach over the top of the 6' fence and undo some stuff. He didn't take anything else, so I'm pretty sure he targeted my bike.

Red Rider said...

Scott, sorry about your crash and really sorry about your Masi. That sucks! I hope you continue your speedy recovery and that your bike bucks off the thief when he attempts to ride it.