Saturday, June 21, 2014

2014 SMR 17

Front tire was soft this morning - rode fine on Wednesday so it must be a really slow leak... I decided to risk it.  Still felt good at Junction, noticeably a little low at Summit, but I figured I could make it home.  Descending down the Bump though, I started to get that squirmy feeling around the curves and so I babied it the rest of the way down.  Stopped at the Church where the race registration was and borrowed a pump from a guy.  Got home and it was soft again so I barely made it.

Today was the Diablo Time Trial - 10km race from North Gate to almost Junction.  First rider was scheduled to start at 8am so I started at 7:30 to avoid the ignominy of being passed every minute.   A lot of riders had the same idea as me and my passing ratio was zero to something.

Cool and windy at the start - warmer and calm after about 5 miles.

And he's OFF

Hey - is that the famous Nate English
of the Kenda 5-Hour Energy Team?

Four people walked their bikes up the Wall while I was at the Summit.
Well, at least they tried.

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