Saturday, October 18, 2014

2014 Foxy's Fall Century - Crash and SAG

I was really looking forward to this ride.  First century since my pelvis fracture in March, felt good, great weather, Rick was riding with me.  But I crashed at half way, just past lunch - here's the short version:

It was just stupid - I don't know if the wind blew me over or it was a moment of inattention or what, but I drifted off the road into the soft dirt, front wheel sunk in and I hit the deck pretty hard.  Lots of pain but doesn't seem serious enough for doctors to get involved.  I managed to get back on the bike and return to the lunch stop where I got some bandaging and caught Sag Vehicle #16 back to Davis.

Up until then I was feeling great - we pumped out 50 miles by 10 o'clock.

One glitch was that they gave me the wrong route slip at check-in... I didn't even look at it because they mark the streets so well... but I thought since they gave me the green slip and green wrist band that we were following the green course.  Turns out the green was for 100km and I started off the wrong direction at the split but then Rick and I figured out what the deal was - he had the yellow band.

This is going to hurt for quite a while.

Apparently my music selection for this video is a problem... come back later if you can't click right now.

Foxy's Fall Century 2014 from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.


Midland said...

Ouch! Hope you heal up quickly.

Red Rider said...

I know exactly where that is; was just out there a couple weeks ago. Again, sorry about your crash. Speedy recovery!