Saturday, October 03, 2015

2015 SMR 34

Me and JB this morning.

Diablo Challenge is tomorrow so maybe there won't be as many riders as usual? Maybe a few.

Army Al made the newspaper yesterday - there was an article about how they ought to listen to him about safety measures; and about how the right folks were starting to pay attention... this new CalTrans sign also showed up.

This guy did a cool single-speed conversion to his Cannondale - but he left the double chainring and front derailleur on to make it a two-speed, and left the rear derailleur on for a chain tensioner... so I guess he was afraid to commit.  Anyway, he was fast.

Always fun to see tandems on The Mountain.

Sweeping the rocks for tomorrow's big ride.

OK here's something I have NEVER seen before - water bottles mounted to the fork.  Looks like he has a nice gravel-grinder kind of bike and filled up the main triangle with some kind of gear bag - and I guess he just doesn't like CamelBaks

Stop.  Reduce heart rate.  Ingest HammerGel.  GO

Lots of very safe and polite and patient drivers on The Mountain today.

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