Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2015 WNR 24

Day before Thanksgiving.  Me and Kevin actualized our plan to skip out of work early and ride The Mountain before it got dark.

Lots of other folks seemed to have the same idea - quite a few riders.

This guy had a vintage Gios Torino -
we swapped some good stories,
I forgot to ask his name.

Wildlife Enounter:  like FIVE deer down by the Loading Dock.  It looked like one young buck with a whole harem of does.

Pretty cold descending, and the sun was setting and right in our eyes so it was a careful ending to a nice ride.

After the ride, Kevin couldn't get one of his shoes off - the buckle thing that you're supposed to push to loosen the ratchet strap wouldn't push - seemed broken.  Finally he just really ham-fisted it and it opened up, but that was weird.

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