Saturday, April 02, 2016

2016 SMR 10

GREAT weather this morning.  Shorts, short sleeves... 
bonus - my jersey had a fresh spring scent because I did laundry last night.

Hari came again, he seems to be really enjoying this even though we get separated before too long.

Wildlife Encounter:  Turkey at the Gate

Wildlife Encounter:  A whole acre of jackrabbits.

At the Junction was Bharat, and then Al came in, and then Hari rolled in... it's fun getting to know the regulars.  Al rode with us to Summit, Hari turned around at Blue Oak.

Then BlogReader Rozel passed us on Summit Road.  He said he didn't want to pass us too quickly because he was taught to respect his elders.  He used to be a Wednesday night regular but moved to Pleasanton a few years ago.

Me and Al had a little sprint to the Lower Lot - it was a tie.

Then Keith took some video of me crawling up The Wall.

Wildlife Encounter:  A coyote with a jackrabbit.

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