Sunday, May 22, 2016

2016 AMGEN Tour of California Santa Rosa Stage 7 VIP

DiabloWife got me a VIP pass to the AMGEN for my birthday so I spent the day in Santa Rosa.

Started to rain but mostly it was nice weather.

Peter Sagan, World Champion, 
Tour of Flanders winner, AMGEN Green Jersey owner,
and all-time AMGEN stage win leader...
photo bombs my selfie.

The anti-doping RV.  Wonder what that looks like inside?

This reporter from the newspaper interviewed me about the event.  There was some community controversy about having the Rose Parade and the Amgen on the same day.  As usual with these things, my fifteen minutes of pontificating got cut down to about four sentences.

Not sure if that link will survive, so I snipped the relevant part.

Also as usual, the complainers show up in the comment section.  Here's my favorite... "have the bike race on the bike trail".  ROFL.


This is what The Mountain looks like from Sonoma County

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