Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 SMR 01

Wow, the 14th and this is my first Saturday Morning Ride?  Well, NYD was a Sunday, and then the next Saturday was the 7th, but I DNS for rain. So yeah.

Except today I was not feeling well.  Still getting over a rotten cold but not bad enough to stay home so I rode.
Hey - JB finally got a new water bottle!
Felt rotten but figured I could keep going... until I couldn't.  Started to feel shaky and hot and then I told JB to go on without me.

Right here is where I decided to turn around.

Home to warm up and the sickness passed... not the flu, I'll be fine.

Did you know the BAAQMD has a Spare the Air bike jersey?

I don't know if they get any profits from the sale, or if they have a club of employees that wear these or what, but they sell them on Amazon for $58.

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