Saturday, March 25, 2017

2017 SMR 10

Whoa boy underdressed!
Looked nice and sunny and clear when I walked my dog this morning.
I figured shorts and a sleeveless windbreaker, short-fingered gloves.
Started my ride out to The Mountain and I saw a big dark cloud over The Summit.

It was into the clouds around one turn, and into blue sky around the next.
Didn't look like there were any clear spots above 2000 feet though.
So we decided to turn around at Junction.
JB's not coming next week - anybody want to meet me at The Gate?

And if you hadn't seen it, Mega Maximum Kudos to Diablo Rider Scott Cooper, who... for his 50th birthday, did 50 repeats up the Summit Wall.

I once THOUGHT about doing the Wall twice... thought twice, walled once.

The profile doesn't quite do it justice, but you know:

Strava folks can see it HERE 

1 comment:

Monrezee said...

Ugh. 50 The Wall repeats is pretty gnarly. Think I like my knees too much for that.Your line was funny. Been there, done that.