Wednesday, May 03, 2017

2017 WNR 03

I think eight of us from work tonight, including a new hire, and a recently resigned!

35°C to start out though... that's hot.  I had frozen my water bottle to the slush point, but it was melted all the way by the time I parked.

Mom and Dad sent me some birthday money last week and I used it for a professional bike tune up at Big Dave's Bikes.  My cables were frayed and my shifting was a little off, and boy they fixed it up good.  Turns out my cable guide under the bottom bracket had lost a screw so it was only being held on by the cables and that was messing with my shifting.  I brought in a set of pretty cables I had intended to put on myself but hadn't gotten around to - glad I waited because they did a better job than I would've.

So yeah, a hot ride, a hard climb, and a nice descent.

Wildlife Encounter:  Turkeys.  Big ones.  Lots of them.  All over The Mountain.

Check out that beautiful new cable housing!

I love riding in formation.

Diablo Shoutout to Blog Reader MIDLAND who forgot to charge his electronic shifting system and had to use his little ring.

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