Saturday, June 02, 2018

2018 SMR 21

The wind today had me in my Summit Wall gear for most of Summit Road.

Lots of riders, including an apparent organized event of some kind.  Also, welcome to Cycle Folsom - a club of friendly folks, and good riders.

Roadkill Report:  two big snakes.

This guy was uber serious - passed me kind of close on the way up.

Then uber serious guy passed me even closer on the way down.  Almost caught his Pactimo's on my brake lever.

Here is his Strava ride:     STRAVA



Monrezee said...

That's a weak move. Hope he called out "on your left" at least.

Diablo Scott said...

Here is his Strava ride:


38min to Junction, yeah he's fast. I don't know if he was trying to send me a message about taking too much road or going too slow or what. He didn't call out, I didn't panic but it did startle me. I'm not a slow descender and I do check in back for faster riders who want to pass me - but I didn't even notice this guy until he was next to me.

William Blitz said...
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