Saturday, July 07, 2018

2018 SMR 26

No wind today, pretty warm though.  Lots of riders on The Mountain, but not a lot of serious-looking Death Ride trainers.

Wildlife Encounter:  turkeys, a couple lizards, and one little bunny.

JB has finally bit the bullet and ordered a kit to convert his bike to a triple.  Currently his lowest gear is a 42x26 and it's painful watching him grind up the steeper bits.  His new lowest gear will be a 30x26 (he's not getting a new cassette).  He asked me what my lowest gear was in "gear inches" and I didn't know for sure... but something less than a 27-inch which would be 1-to-1.  I have a 34x27... I tried to round off the division in my head, and then I had a mathematical epiphany... if your rear cog is a 27 with normal wheels, your gear in gear inches is the same as your front ring... so I have a 34" gear! 

Then a woman cyclist passed us on The Bump, and I thought I recognized her from a Strava friend's photos so I caught up and it wasn't who I thought it was but she was a friend of a friend so we had a short chat before I let her drop me.  Then I slowed down to let JB catch back on.

And then my neighbor Mark passed us up and I was feeling good so I hopped on his wheel for almost a mile before I gave up at Chainbuster.

At Junction there were a lot of people and I ran into Strava friend Jim who also noticed that the folks were a little less intense this week and maybe the Death Ride people were taking it easy... someone overheard us, and said that indeed *HE* was doing the DR next week.  We wished him well.

Turned around at Junction because WORK.

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