Thursday, April 24, 2003

April 19, 2003 - Diablo Junction 23 miles

A Saturday morning ride, it's been cold and rainy so I've missed a lot of riding this month; just over 200 miles this month and half of that was on one ride! Besides me; Peter, JB, Rick and Nicole showed up. We started off slowly and my time was 45'40" which isn't too bad for an easy ride in full winter gear (jacket and tights, full finger gloves, no booties). Didn't see any interesting wild animals but the wild flowers are really blooming. Rick told us about some new wheels he got on eBay - Campy Neutron, but he doesn't have tires or a cassette yet. He'll probably use them for PB attempts and special events because his regular wheels are pretty good for every day use. No socializing after the ride either, we all had too much noncycling stuff to do.