Wednesday, April 30, 2003

April 30, 2003 - Diablo Junction 16 miles

A Wednesday after work ride. JB had too much work but Adam and Nicole both said they'd come. At the church where I usually park I got my stuff together but hadn't seen either one. There were two riders there looking for the Diablo Cyclists who (apparently) changed their ride time to be 45 minutes earlier than before. Lula was a 30-something Valley Spokesman originally from Brasil with a Super Mario zebra-striped Specialized compact frame bike. Ward was a 50-something guy with a steel Ritchey bike with Dura Ace. Nicole showed up about 5:30 and I talked with her for a while but decided to ride with Lula and Ward. Lula had never ridden up North Gate before but had done South Gate several times. I asked Ward if he was a century guy and he told me his knees gave him too much trouble to do long distances. They set a pace that was pretty easy for me but it was fun riding with some different people. We saw a wild turkey down below the ranches; that was unusual. At Chainbuster Adam and a guy he was riding with caught up with us and I took off with him; we dropped all three of the others pretty quickly. Adam said the other guy was a Masters 35+ from the Sac area and I rode away from him pretty easily so I must be fast. The guy had a new Trek 5900 that he said only weighed 16 pounds; Adam gave it a test ride around the Junction parking lot and said it was pretty sweet. Adam and I also had a little track stand contest - he won but not by much.

My time was 44'54" but I could have done quite a bit faster on a solo ride or with faster partners. Didn't get many miles in this month - combination of rotten weather and other commitments. Next century is only 2-1/2 weeks away... I'd better get some time in the saddle if I'm going to do well.

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