Monday, October 04, 2004

Bonus Post

Just heard from Nicole – Rick did the Diablo Challenge in 63m51s which was 58 seconds faster than last year’s time. Congrats Rick! He hoped to beat last year’s time by two minutes but this was certainly a great ride. He had great weather too. He said some guy got to the top of the wall, fell over without unclipping from his pedals, and puked! What a trooper! That guy gave literally 101% but held off on hurling until after he crested the top. HAZZAH! Except for not unclipping beforehand, he has nothing to be embarrassed about.

Also, my e-mail box filled up with spam last week, so if you sent me an e-mail and I didn’t respond, it means I didn’t get it. I respond to ALL fanmail… Resend please.

Diablo Scott

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