Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Diablo Junction 16 miles

Adam, JB, Jeff, and I all grouped up at the church. Jeff's plan was to ride up to the Dumpster Gate and then take the mountain bike trails with Edgardo (who wasn't there yet) so we left him at the Gate.

Nicole had an early start, or else we were late because we saw her car parked in the usual spot. Adam and I decided to do an easy ride, just a little faster than JB. It was warm and calm and we talked and rode easily.

I started doing some big gear/low cadence drills and Adam figured out right away what I was doing and gave me some pointers. He said to keep the cadence below 60 and to keep my heartrate well below anaerobic. He knows about this stuff so I listened to him and tried to just concentrate on an even stroke and smooth power while staying in the saddle. He also said that kind of riding suits my physical build because I have strong legs that probably can produce more power at a lower cadence and I think he's right because I used that style on some recent rides with great times. I didn't have the motivation however, to keep it up all the way to the Junction so I slacked off the last couple miles and he got bored and finished well ahead of me. Junction time: 41m45s. We passed Nicole near the Upper Ranch so she got to the Junction not too long after we did. No time for conversation - we all started down to beat the sunset and went home.

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