Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Diablo Junction from Work - 26 miles

Another hot one this afternoon - although not nearly as hot as the last three Wednesdays. Adam, JB, and I left from the office and scurried up Ygnacio Valley Road around all the traffic gridlock to Montego where you can cut behind the medical areas and get to the trail. We didn't wait for anyone and the Diablo Cyclists were just leaving the church so there was a big group for a half mile.

Everything split up right away at the Gate. Adam took off with a guy he recognized as a speedster, JB tried to ride off by himself but a small group of us stayed behind him and heckled him until he finally got away. I was with the small group until the Bump where I drifted off the back. I just couldn't get comfortable on the bike today and I felt weak and unmotivated. I must be overtrained!

Product Review: Specialized Body Geometry Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves last me about three years, and I needed a new pair. I was getting tired of the same old Pearl Izumi White Line gloves that I always buy at Performance in Walnut Creek and I happened to be in El Sobrante a few weeks ago so I checked out the selection at The Pedaler (I'd link but their website seems to have been hijacked today… check back later). These gloves come in a "PRO" version that doesn't have any loosening strap, and a "COMP" version that has a traditional Velcro closure - I got the COMP version. The palm padding with these gloves is a little different than I'm used to having, but it seems to be really well thought out. There's the right amount of padding, but it's in a little bit different place than in most gloves - I guess that's the idea, anyway it feels comfortable and is supposed to be better at absorbing road vibrations. The fit is very good, and the stitching quality and materials are excellent. The snot wiping area is adequate and hopefully the bright blue color won't fade as fast as the Pearl Izumi gloves I had before. They were a little more expensive than the Pearls but not outrageous. I like them and recommend them and give them a DiabloScott rating of 9.

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