Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Diablo Junction from Work

I thought Adam was going to rip our legs off just riding from the office to the Gate. We got there alone, no other riders. Adam said he was going to do some big gear drills so it was easy to draft him for a while but it was hot so I let him go in favor of surviving. JB stayed with me for a while but figured he could hang with Adam today so then I was isolated. I had two bottles completely frozen when I started out and they were melting at a nice rate providing me nice cold Cytomax and water.

I passed Diablo Cyclist Craig down below the Bump. He's not one of the faster riders but he does the Death Ride and double centuries and he's got several very nice bikes so he's a serious rider and he's a friendly guy.

21 minutes at the Upper Washout - I figured about 42 for the Junction. It was like a desert up there tonight - hot and very dry, I could feel my lips cracking, begging for some moisture.

45 minutes at the Junction. Not a lot of riders up there, but several of the regulars. The thermometer on the shack said 93°F in the shade so it was OK to blame the heat for my crappy ride.

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