Saturday, February 03, 2007

Should've worn my toe warmers this morning.

It's been getting warmer so I was over confident, but there was frost on the windshields and the tootsies were complaining most of the ride. Wound up having to wait at a lot of red lights on the way out so I was a few minutes late at the Gate and JB was waiting.

Saw two riders coming down and a couple cars going up but it was a pretty quiet morning on the Mountain. In a couple places it looked like some new green vegetation was growing but maybe I was fooling myself; we're well below normal on the rainfall this season.

I did an interval training spin class last night so my legs were a little heavy but I put in a hard effort the last mile and it felt good.

Then at the Junction I met blog reader Keith who had the VeloNews honorable mention photo that I reposted in my December 9, 2006 blog entry. He introduced himself and I noted that I'd seen him up there before - he says he mostly rides on Sundays though.

Then another guy came up from the North in SHORTS AND A SHORT SLEEVE JERSEY!!! I just looked at him and said "BRRRR". He said, "Well, I just rode up the hill and I sweat a lot". Sure enough, he was sweaty. I said "We all just rode up the hill buddy. And it's the descent that you'll be regretting." He didn't seem to think there was anything to worry about and started back down... bare legs, bare arms, I'm not even sure he had gloves.

Sorry but my camera lens got all sweaty.

Also didn't stop anywhere else to take photos, just the Junction today.

The Eagle Scout Bench.

JB and I went down South Gate and through the Hole. Quite a few riders were coming up now and it wasn't nearly as cold.

Two weeks until the Tour of California!

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