Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Me, JB, Jeff. Fires in the area made the air thick with smoke. It wasn't enough to affect breathing but it made my eyes sting a little bit. We took it slowly. It was warm and there wasn't any wind. We hoped it would get better at the higher elevations - it didn't, but it didn't get any worse either.

Wildlife Encounter: three tarantulas (well four if you count the squished one).

Not many other riders up there tonight and the bugs were really bad so we went down quick. Got this cool shot at the Dips Ranch.

My water bottle roster: Three big ones, a Polar that I really like, a Team Pegasus that was a gift from Adam, and the Levi/Gerolsteiner/Specialized one that was schwag from the last San Francisco Grand Prix.

And six little ones. The Coke bottle is le bidon officiel de Tour de France and it leaks a little. Two Chain Reaction bottles that I got when my Klein was being built up - they're good but I wish they had screw lids. Jelly belly is from the Prologue of Tour of California, as were the Gatorade and Amgen bottles. The Amgen bottle is really a cheap POS, it'll be the next one rotated out of the line-up.

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