Sunday, September 16, 2007


Today old friend Karl came down from Seattle and borrowed my loaner bike for a ride up the Mountain. He got to my house at 7:15, we got the saddle adjusted and then rode to the Gate where we met JB. Karl's been doing some racing and soon took off on his own.

Dudley Driveby: 8:42 at Chainbuster.

JB and I rode together to the Junction and Karl had been there for quite a while when we arrived.

Wildlife Encounter: One tarantula

JB had baseball tickets so Karl and I went to the Summit together. A couple fast guys passed us though and then Karl took off with them. It was much colder and windier on Summit Road, if I'd had my winter gloves I would have worn them.

Not nearly as many riders as last week. Saw blog reader Chris and his friend John at the Junction on the way down and we discussed the possibility of Floyd Landis doing the Challenge... Floyd - bring your arm warmers.

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