Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gate - Junction - Muir - Gate

After a week and a half of lousy weather, I woke up this morning expecting more of the same... instead I got a beautiful sunrise and mostly blue skies.

Not too cold, not rainy, windier than I'd like, but a good day for a ride. The Mountain has had a lot of snow all week, but last night was pretty warm so most of it was gone... I did see a little bit on North Peak but didn't expect to find much on the ride.

I wasn't sure if Rick's race was still on but he wasn't there. JB was late too so I rode solo to the Junction. The wind was strong and steady - made for a slow ride.

Dudley Driveby: at the Ranger House. He was wearing his hiking shorts.

JB rolled in to Junction just a few minutes after I did. It was quite a bit colder up here so we decided we'd ride up to the snow. Finally found some at Muir picnic area, almost at the Summit.

We threw a couple snowballs at each other and at that point we decided we'd had enough and turned around.

The strong wind made for a sketchy descent so we took our time going down. Then went to Starbucks for a hot one.

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