Saturday, February 02, 2008

It Started Out Nice

Gate - Junction - Starbucks

Looked like the weather was going to hold out. Overcast but calm and not too cold - toe warmers were perfect.

Met up with Mark A on the way out, then with Rick and JB at the Gate. Rick and Mark rode away from me and JB pretty quickly and I joked that I had softened up Mark's legs with my four mile lead out.

All the little creeks are full of running water - it'll be a green spring on the Mountain.
On the Bump, JB tried an interval but his heart wasn't in it. Then he tried again a Chainbuster. I decided it made more sense to do intervals on the flatter bits so I could really pick up some speed. So JB would get 15 seconds lead on me with his efforts, and then I would catch backup up with mine.

At the Junction, Rick was waiting for us and had pulled out his camera phone for a finish line photo. I think JB figured I was through but I put in one last effort with good results - see sequence below.

We heard a pack of coyotes all howling at once - that's unusual. Some other folks at the Junction started up Summit Road but came back down a couple minutes later saying the fog was so thick and cold it was almost solid. We thought maybe the coyotes had scared them away. Then it started to drizzle on us so we decided to go back down.

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