Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gate - Junction - Juniper - Gate

Weather report was for a big storm to come in today - looked like we were going to beat the front though... I packed my rain cape just in case. Started to drizzle on me on Bancroft Road.

I put a new chain on Eddy just before I left - I have this new technique of sizing the chain correctly with less mess by hanging the old chain and new chain next to each other from nails and then trimming to size. Much better than my old technique of laying them flat on newspapers. Hardly any old chain gook got on my hands.

Just me and Rick at the Gate. We took it kind of easy.

Wildlife Encounter: Some coyotes howling around Burma Trail somewhere unseen.

Lots of low-flying planes today, to stay under the cloud cover.

Dudley Driveby: Near Wounded Knee.

At Junction, we decided to continue on up Summit Road to Juniper. I had taken off my rain cape. It started hailing on us. It got windier.

Wildlife Encounter: A bunny about where the new pavement starts.

Rick had this idea of standing climbing the length of the Blue Oak Speedway; I decided I'd try it too... made it about half way before I sat down for easier spinning.

At Juniper, Rick's ski gloves fell out of his jacket and he didn't notice. We later found them in the brush down below the parking lot - the wind had blown them quite a ways.

It was a dicey trip down too with all that wind... I'm pretty sure my knuckles were white underneath my two layers of full-fingered gloves.

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