Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gate - Junction - Tire Poppers - Junction - Gate

Dudley Driveby: At the Dips - never seen him this low before. Almost looked like he was having trouble with the climb...?

Wildlife Encounter: Two tarantulas and two snakes

My chain skips worse on every ride... I gotta get a new cassette; have you seen how pricey they've gotten?

We were all together near Chainbuster and I was happy to hang on until Junction and then I outsprinted JB but it about killed me.

Down to the Tire Poppers and back up. I was still tired and soon off the back. Getting really warm by now.

There was a helicopter flying over the Mountain like it was looking for something, and then an ambulance came up South Gate Road (while we were descending) with the sirens on so somebody must have gotten hurt. Didn't see anything though, maybe it was a hiker or MTBer off the road. Might have been up Summit Road I guess but we never saw the ambulance again.

New pavement on SGR is really nice. It's a little odd without striping though. Also, there were a couple places where it was damaged already. JB joked it was because of the earthquake Friday night (tiny).

Lots of hardcore riders today, the Challenge is nigh.

Rick wanted the sprint at the Dips so I took it a little bit easy after Moss Landing and then brought it up to just a little over 35 before I pulled over and he launched - good one.

ColdBuster Jamba, throat freeze, home to paint stuff, the end.

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty good - you can ride up the bump and manage to take photos of your competition at the same time! That's a dedicated blogger for you....Rick