Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gate - Junction - Juniper

Got to the Gate a few minutes early so I gave myself a head start. Rick waited for JB but wound up going solo anyway.

Lots of riders on the Mountain today. Most of them were less serious than the ones training for the Death Ride. I suspect a lot of them are Challenge riders who just wanted to know what they were in for rather than trying to beat their PB by 10 seconds.

So Rick caught and passed me near Chainbuster and then we regrouped at Junction and then JB showed up too, but turned back down. Rick and I decided to do Juniper.

If the weather is this nice next week the Challenge riders will have a great experience.

Looks like SGR is open for good. I'm not sure if they're completely done but the road closure signs have been taken away.

Left my water bottle at the Junction and didn't notice until I got to Juniper - I have never done that before. Still there when I got back.

Peet's iced latte FTW!

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