Wednesday, October 01, 2008

2008 WNR 22

The sun was getting low before we even started today.

Diablo Cyclist group and bunches of others were coming down even before we got to the Bump.

Wildlife Encounter: two tarantulas.

JB was on fire and dropped me hard before the Upper Washout.

I passed a couple guys and did some half-hearted interval kind of stuff. One guy was in a reddish orange jersey and then he started to catch back up to me so I increased my interval intensity but he caught me anyway... except it wasn't him it was some other guy with a similar jersey; egobruise avoided.

New cassette and chain worked flawlessly today; nice tuneup Scotty!

I have made the call: next Wednesday, October 8, will be the last WNR of 2008. Unless it's terrible weather or something in which case tonight's was the last. We'll probably do pizza and beer next week either way.

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