Saturday, October 18, 2008

Foxy's Fall Century 2008

OK today started out kind of scary. Dear wife has been sick with strep all week but I have avoided being infected... until yesterday when I started to get that pre-sick feeling; chills, headaches, scratchy throat, you know. I absolutely willed myself not to succomb and this morning I got up at 4am to prepare. I was a little achy but not nearly bad enough to cancel the ride. I figured worst case I could do the 100km route and suffer through it. Dropped some vitamins and ibuprofen and electrolites and started to feel not too bad.

Foxy's won't let anybody start until 7:30 and that was pretty smart because it was dark until about 7:25. Davis Bike Club has enough organizational savvy to pull off registration and everything else with ease.

Start time 7:30 am

Miles 0 - 10: Warm up, 18mph. Getting out of town it didn't seem to make sense to pass every little group of riders in front of us that was slowing us down.

Miles 10 - 25: Hammer to Rest Stop 1, 20-24 mph. Feels great just to not be sick.

Miles 25 - 35: Hammer until the terrain starts to get hilly. Legs start to hurt.

Miles 35 - 62: Rolling hills to Rest Stop 2. Speed drops; I was really struggling in here - I think my reserves were kind of low from the pending illness. Didn't feel bad, just not very strong. Legs and neck hurt.

Miles 62 - 84: Steeper and longer climbs. Speed drops even more. Legs, neck, and butt hurt.

Miles 84 - 106: Hammer back to Davis, 19 - 22mph. Legs, neck, butt and feet hurt.

Finish time 3:00 pm

Please enjoy my multimedia presentation in my Vimeo album:

Rick passes along his ride data.

Me with a mouth full of banana bread.

The lunch stop had pillows and packing blankets to sit on - why has no one else thought of this?

Some guy broke his fork just before lunch - incredible he wasn't hurt.

Rick compares Ride to Kaiser notes with another guy who earned the jersey.

No scenery to detract attention from the ride. Lots of farm equipment kicking up dust though. Quite a few vegetation burns as well.

Another DBC original; the Rapid Bottle Filler. Note the drinking water quality hoses you other clubs!

Load up now because later you won't want to eat.

Got a little windy but far less than normal for this ride.

Broadband comes to DiabloScott's PC. Everything's faster, no promises on quality improvements for the reader.

Update: Scanned in the Route Map and created my own elevation profile with y-axis chosen to make it look more brutal.

Foxy's Fall Century Elevation Profile

Foxy's Fall Century Route Map

Foxy's Fall Century Directions


Anonymous said...

Tried to watch the video and got this message

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Diablo Scott said...

OK, thanks... fixed now. Won't happen again.