Saturday, February 19, 2011

Che Bella Montagna

Came down with a really nasty bug last week, and this week the weather has been awful. The rain finally let up over night and exposed the blanket of snow on His Majesty.

Left a rock on the post but JB didn't show.
Drizzled on me most of the way up, it was divine.
Not as many cars as I might have expected... probably the rain was keeping them away.
The snow level was down way below 2000 feet, but there wasn't much accumulation... just a little frosting.
End of the road boys... there will be no Summit runs today.

First snow of the winter, and first poppies of spring on THE SAME DAY - I'm a lucky guy.


Keith said...

Saw you descending. I got caught in the hail which was fun!

Rick said...

Many hardman points for you! We got lucky down at Cantua with no rain for the race - even a bit of sun!