Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coooo-ho-ho-hold, but no Snow

A mile from home I was already wishing I had my booties on... and figured I'd later be wishing I had my neck gator and ear jock. Fortunately, I thought to bring double gloves.

We were supposed to get a news-worthy blizzard last night, but instead got squat.

OK, this is worth some Belgian Hardman® Points though...

I sent out a request for Diablo Snow photos thinking it was going to be a photo-worthy day, but as noted before, the prognosticators were WRONG!

Anyway, I did get a couple responses:

Blog Reader Curtis sent along this shot taken last weekend from the east side:

Blog Reader Scott sent me these two from last year's snow event.

And Blog Reader Keith sends this one along from last weekend when he hiked up from Junction.


Red Rider said...

Nice pics! I was disappointed that we didn't get snow, and it went to SoCal instead. Weatherman fail. Next year, I guess.

Kathleen said...

This is a beautiful shot; inspires me to paint!