Sunday, March 06, 2011


Wow, great weather this morning. Could have done it without a jacket. Big change from last week.

No JB at the Gate so I went up alone.

Wildlife Encounter: Bunny below Bump

Then at Junction I went looking for a new viewpoint for a photo...

When suddenly... THAT GUY came down and I managed to trip the shutter on him...

He looked at me like "what are you looking at?"

Then I started down and happened upon JB at the Ranger House so I went back up. Also talked to BlogReader Keith for a while up there. There were some other guys there and we discussed the GoPro HD video camera because I thought one of them had a helmet mount for one... it just was for a light but he knew some interesting stuff about the company.

Somehow though, I can't believe there're that many people out there interested in watching crotch eye views of pigeon-toed cross-chainers like this pissant...

That dude's hit count will probably triple when my legions of readers click on that video.

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