Wednesday, July 06, 2011

2011 WNR 07

HAWT!  One of those days you just want to get it over with...
Frozen water bottle trick worked a little bit.
There were a zillion squirrels out too, lying in the shade until you got close to them, then they'd run away.  Little ones, about the size of rats.

I drafted these guys for about 3 revs in my 39x21... it was awesome.

After that I chased "The Girl With The Yellow Tires" and pretty much kept her in sight the whole way up but never managed to get closer than about 30 seconds.

'Possed to be cooler this weekend... booyah.


Pumpkincycle said...

Turns out that the guy on the left is a former pro racer (Mark Studnicki)--soon he sprinted away for all of us. We caught him before the Junction (oh-did I mention he had a flat.) Then before Juniper he roared past again and eventually caught an amature racer who had passed us earlier. Nice guy--told us about his Italian Tour company at the top of Diablo--ironically riding in Italy was what some of us were bs'ing about on the way up. Best (and let it stay HOT)

Diablo Scott said...

Hey, he has a blog!
With photos of Mount Diablo!!