Sunday, July 10, 2011

Janet's Zoo Ride

Good day for a non-Diablo ride.  Club ride started in Dublin and rode out Dublin Canyon Road and Redwood and a bunch of fun little back roads to the Oakland zoo.

I split my time between riding with the two or three fitness fanatics (multiple Death Ride survivors, and Triple Crown royalty) and the ordinary middle-aged fitness buffs.  Worked out pretty well.  It was kind of an odd crowd because there were a lot of members at the Death Ride today and a lot of others that are doing the Davis Livestrong ride tomorrow so we were kind of the everybody else group.  

Wildlife Encounter:  a goat eating a tree!

Got a flat just a few miles from the finish and I told everybody not to wait.  Got it fixed in time to hammer back to the parking lot just as the last guy was finishing anyway.

It was a lot of fun going through some areas I hadn't done before.  Click on the video for a 29 seconds of avaunt guard artistry and special effects.

And finally... best wishes for Chris Horner.


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