Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 SMR 13: Moderately Moist

Last week of course was Milan-San Remo, where we saw Cancellara make his signature attack but found Gerrans on his wheel.  Both of them and all of us knew that Gerrans would win a sprint, so Cancellara's only hope was that he could just shed the Australian dingleberry before the line.  Gerrans knew that Cancellara would sit up if he didn't think he had any chance of winning, so Gerrans worked *JUST* enough to convince Cancellara that he should keep going... and it worked perfectly and Cancellara was beaten.

It was kind of like that with me and the rain this morning.  It was supposed to start raining at 1AM which would have made me "sit up" (stay in bed), but it didn't.  And at 7AM it was kind of drizzling, but not enough to make me give up, so I got dressed and found my rain jacket.  I imagined that it would start pouring before I could finish my ride and figured I'd be turning around, but I *HAD* to keep going because it wasn't raining *THAT* hard... yet.  Got to the Gate and within a half mile the rain got just bad enough to let me know that the wet was going to win.  So it was a rather soggy slog up to Junction and JB showed up as well and we just tried to pretend that we like riding in the rain.  I think you can convince yourself of anything if you don't lose track of your objective.

Thought this might be my only chance for a photo today.

Finally, I put a compact crank on my Klein, and I put my old DA-9 crank and BB up for sale on eBay if anybody wants it cheap!


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