Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012 WNR 01

For the first Wednesday Night Ride of the year we were supposed to have a pretty big group including a lot of first-timers.  Most everybody weenied out except for Ed, Kenny, and Judy, and they were kind of late.  Then Kenny got a flat before we even got to the Gate.

Not the panachiest repair I've watched but it was successful.

Stopped a few times for Judy to catch her breath.  They've both done marathons and other endurance events but not too much cycling.  They're doing Santa Rosa in May though so wanted to get some saddle time.  Ed's got a nice new Specialized that he was breaking in too.

Lots of people enjoying the Mountain tonight, plenty of light until 7:15 or so.

Went to Sports Basement at lunch for some new rain tires for Eddy.  I was thinking rain tires are almost disposable; since they tend to get slashed up and gouged, why bother getting anything except from the cheap rack?  My last pair was Continental Ultra Sports and they ride like a pig at 330g each, so I figured maybe something a LITTLE better.  But the Sports Basement knew what they were doing when they hired the attractive, fit, and friendly saleswoman who talked me into the GP 4 Seasons... hey, Eddy deserves these. 

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