Saturday, July 07, 2012

2012 SMR 24

Woke up late, with a headache.  Not a good sign.

Dog got a short walk... she's not happy either... I hate that big-sad-eyes look of disappointment.

Found the rock on the post... JB left without me... probably a good idea since I wouldn't have been good conversation.

Wildlife Encounter:  Turkeys in the shade near Arroyo Ranch... gotta zoom in to see 'em.

Wildlife Encounter:  More turkeys, drinking water from the spill way.

Wildlife Encounter:  Jack rabbit up hill from The Dips.

Wildlife Encounter:  A deer ran across the road below The Bump, about 10 meters in front of me, but hid in the grass before I could take his photo.

Roadkill Report:  Some kind of lizard... kind of dried up or I would've gotten a close-up.

Lots of non-regulars on The Mountain today... probably TdF related.  Lots of people parked for rest stops at every wide spot in the road.

Diablo Hill Climb TT is in two weeks - I'll probably do another photo log... watch for it!


Anonymous said...

what do you know about old klein serial numbers? someone posted what they claim is a 94 quantum pro moonrise on ebay and im just trying to verify the year by the serial number.

Anonymous said...

never mind, i just found your klein serial number page